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Today on Fiction Writer we explore the building blocks and simple structures that turn words into stories.

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Hello and welcome to Fiction Writer—I’m your host G.K. Lamb


I have been fascinated with storytelling for as long as I can remember. Building worlds, inventing characters, guiding malevolent plots, and exploring the heights of joy or plunging into the depths of despair—writing fiction is best way to travel through time and wield magic without ever leaving home.


But as a writer in the beginning of my career, the joy and wonder of writing can get swallowed up in all the questions and doubts:How do I write believable characters? How do I fix a novel that isn’t working? What are the best ways to edit? What lessons should I learn from popular fiction? How can I be original if I’ve never gone anywhere or done anything original myself? And the question that leads many of us into existential spirals, is it even realistic to dream of being a professional writer?


These swirling thoughts can be overwhelming and paralyze me from sitting down at the keyboard at all. The goal of the Fiction Writer Podcast is to confront those thoughts head on by exploring the craft of writing fiction and then use those new understandings as fuel to strengthen and grow as a writer.


If you’re a seasoned fiction writer just looking for fresh perspectives or you yourself are toying with the idea of typing out your first short story but you’re not sure how to start, I’d like to invite you to join me on this adventure.


Through the podcast I’m going to grapple with the ethics of fiction writing, perils in world building, and delve into what, if anything, is at the heart of story.




G.K. Lamb

Executive Producer & Host